Maths Through Art

Glasshouse College has created worksheets differentiated by ability about Islamic Art as a way to get students to engage with Maths creatively.

Download worksheets on:

Introduce the approach or activity.

This is part of a range of differentiated activities to get students to engage with English and maths creatively. These are examples of some of the activities sent out across the weeks centred on using art to develop mathematical appreciation and knowledge.

We also wanted to connect, where possible, with life in the outside world. These activities are linked to Ramadan and were sent out w/c 11th May 2020.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

ASD/ behavioural challenges/ learners with neuro differences.

There are schemes of work ranging from pre-entry through to level 2. The two activities provided are for students at E3 and L1/L2 respectively, with accompanying levels of literacy. Differentiated language versions also exist for students with lower levels of literacy, or EAL.

Top tips and key considerations

We wanted to incorporate some wellbeing activities and art into all of our work. Previous experiences with students have shown that they find drawing incredibly cathartic and are able to use it as a mindfulness activity.

We also wanted students to develop a wider appreciation of maths as a real, beautiful, creative, living subject that embeds itself into every aspect of life.

What resources are required?

There is an equipment list at the start of each activity. For some disadvantaged students we had already sent out a set of coloured pencils.
How will you capture evidence of learning?

Where applicable students complete the worksheets. We have also asked students to photograph practical work and send it back to us. They can do this via email, through Google Classroom, or alternatively they can post it back to us.