Primal Movement

Glasshouse College have produced the following video that was sent to their students. The aim of the video is for the young person to have some fun whilst exercising and to think about how animals move.

Peer Support

National Star have been conducting supervised peer support sessions with their students.


It was agreed that:

  • prior to online learning taking place, students needed social contact with their peers
  • many of our students are not able to keep in contact with peers independently and so would not have been able to speak with them for a number of weeks
  • whilst all sessions would have a natural social element, as in a traditional classroom, a purely social session would be beneficial
  • students’ personal tutor would put together groups of four students (the maximum number that could be seen on screen) and set up a social session
  • the tutor would begin by leading topics of general conversation and it was hoped that students would then take the lead and conversation would naturally continue.

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