Maths Scavenger Hunt

Glasshouse College have produced worksheets for a Maths Scavenger Hunt for learners to complete indoors.

Download worksheets for:

Introduce the approach or activity

This is part of a range of differentiated activities to get students to engage with English and maths creatively.

We wanted to incorporate some practical activities into all of our work and get students away from the desk and computer.

We also wanted to raise students’ awareness of maths in a wider context and get them to learn about certain abstract concepts more experimentially.

This is some of the maths work we have sent our across the weeks around measuring and estimation.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

ASD/ behavioural challenges/ learners with neuro differences.

There are schemes of work ranging from pre-entry through to level 2. The two worksheets provided are from the higher pre-entry/ E1 and E3 schemes.

Top tips and key considerations

For lower levels this activity is intended to be done with support, to read the instructions, carry out the hunt and document/ photograph the objects found.

A visual (Communicate in Print) option would also be offered.

What resources are required?

Paper and pens. Standard measuring equipment, e.g. scales, rules, tape measure. A phone/ camera.

How will you capture evidence of learning?

Student complete the worksheet and collect photographic evidence of their scavenged objects. They can send it back to us via email, through Google Classroom, or alternatively post it back to us.