Feelings Symbol Pocket Cards

Newfriars College have produced an example of some pocket cards learners can use to communicate their feelings.


Introduce the approach or activity

The aim of the resources to be used by learners who use picture symbol support in their communication strategy and to develop expressive communication and/or to respond to key questions relating to their emotional wellbeing; How are you? How are you feeling?

The aim of the resources is to maintain a focus on the individual communication systems and strategies of the learners using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) as appropriate to those who have complex learning needs. This resource can be adapted depending on the ability of the learner.

This resource can be used in its original format or can be printed / laminated to create a resource that can be attached to key ring, ribbon etc and referred to during the day to assess the individual’s feelings or levels of anxiety.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

This resource and the activities can be adapted to support the learning of students who use AAC including picture symbols implemented in their communication strategies and systems.

This has been designed to develop skills for our Supported Living Pathway, Independent Living Pathway and staff teams,

Top tips and key considerations

This resource is designed to be adapted depending on the ability and skills of the learner and their communication support partners.

  • Some learners may understand the vocabulary independently.
  • Some learners may need the vocabulary modelled for them to support their understanding.
  • Some learners may need additional resources such as objects to understand the vocabulary.
  • Some learners may need a more sensory approach to understand the objects/experiences that they find.
  • Picture symbols using Matric Maker were chosen as the learner cohort engage with these but Makaton symbols, photographs and objects could also be used.
  • Ensure the visual support/symbols and signs are appropriate and personalised where necessary.
  • We use ClassDojo as a communication tool with many of our families. This allows families to share photos and updates to support the learning for our students.
  • Use of pre-recorded videos made by staff directed at the learner can explain how the journal works and help engage the young person in participating in day to day activities.
  • This resource can be used by other family members or carers, using the pictures that are relevant to the learner’s ability.

What resources are required?

Topic related vocabulary with picture symbol.

Ready-made resource featuring different emotions on shaped cards to be attached together on key ring, ribbon or similar.