Mindfulness: Making a Calm-Down Jar

Glasshouse College have created instructions for a mindfulness activity involving making a calm-down jar.


Introduce the approach or activity.

This is part of a range of differentiated practical craft activities to get students to help students manage their wellbeing during isolation.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

ASD/ behavioural challenges/ learners with neuro differences.

The activity is potentially accessible for all levels with differing levels of support.

Top tips and key considerations

We wanted to use our craft curriculum as a medium to develop wellbeing and mindfulness.

After monitoring learner engagement levels we found that most students were engaging with practical craft activities, rather than more academic, wholly written work. Our top tip therefore is to make it practical wherever possible.

What resources are required?

Glitter, a jar, water.

How will you capture evidence of learning?

As part of a covering letter, sent out earlier, we asked students to photograph their work and send it back to us. It can be sent via email, through Google Classroom, or alternatively they can post it back to us.