Living Skills Tracker

Camphill Wakefield have created a living skills tracker for parents to use.


Introduce the approach or activity

The Living Skills Tracker for Parents provides them areas of household and independent living skills to focus on with our students. This could be linked to rewards for completing specific household skills and provide a visual for students to refer to themselves.

This was developed as a result of conversations with parents who were focusing on life skills with students and were looking for a simple tool to record. Parents are encouraged to send photos of students completing life skills by email.

Parents asked for minimal paperwork as students who had received work packs were refusing to engage with them (worksheets are for college, not for home).

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

This tool can be used with pre-entry to level 2 students. Where necessary it can be completed discretely by parents or used as a motivational tool with students who thrive on this approach.

Top tips and key considerations

Parents will need to print off multiple copies so that they can keep records during the lockdown.

What resources are required?

A device linked to a printer. Parents have asked for print outs to be sent too.