Home Learning Activities with Maths and English

Landmarks Specialist College have produced a range of activities that can be done within the home that utilise maths, English and ICT skills.


Introduce the approach or activity

The activities listed can be used within the home and incorporate maths, English and ICT skills. Each task aims to assist the learner with gaining independence.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

This resource can be used with learners of varying abilities and needs. Parents/carers can assess how much support is needed for the learner with each activity.

Top tips and key considerations

The resource is for guidance and parents/carers can use it flexibly for their own needs. There are some extension activity ideas which can be used to develop knowledge which also incorporate maths, English and ICT development. In addition photos of the learner carrying out the various tasks can be used as learning evidence.

How will you capture evidence of learning?

Evidence of learning can be captured by taking photos and videos. In some cases there may be written/typed evidence.