Wellbeing Box

ESPA College have developed an activity to use with students who may be feeling anxious or worried.


Introduce the approach or activity

Wellbeing activity I asked the learner to create a wellbeing box to help to manage anxiety during the period of college closure due to coronavirus. This particular learner is quite anxious. The box is intended to be used whenever he may be feeling anxious or worried and will include familiar strategies he has used to manage anxiety.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

I used a resource that I found online that was very visual and suitable for my learner. It was very modern in style appealing to age and interests.

I gave the learner the resource and he is working on his strategies for the box between our remote Zoom sessions.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Learner needs to be really engaged with the activity.
  • Resources are to be very visual
  • Resources are to be sent out in a pack for the learner as well as emailed.
  • Developing the ability to transfer coping strategies from college to home can be challenging for this cohort however video contact can promote its success.

What resources are required?

  • Visual resources showing ideas for wellbeing box
  • Resources the learner may have at home.
  • Stress toys and sensory objects that the learner has personally requested

How will you capture evidence of learning?

Learner feedback record sheet of session and tutor summary of remote zoom session. Witness statement. LSA to make notes during call of what is happening and capturing learning.