Transition Cover Letter

National Star College have put together a cover letter to provide information to parents / carers whose young person is leaving college.


Introduce the approach or activity

This exemplar is a cover letter for sending out lists of potential providers to parents / carers. It suggests ways to analyse the information to create a shortlist, as well as giving links to other information which may be relevant.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

This can be used with all students, but usually is used as a response to an enquiry from parents / carers, regarding suitable options in their local area.

Top tips and key considerations

Amend the document according to what information is being sent etc

Ideas/Useful links for researching provider information include:

  • Local Offer
  • Care Quality Commission or The Care Inspectorate Wales
  • Social Services/ Clinical Commissioning Teams may have their own provider lists, Housing Officer and / or Brokerage Service.
  • Many housing providers have a mailing list advertising their current vacancies.
  • Disability Sports websites
  • Ableize
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Enterprise Co-ordinator (Careers and Enterprise Company) for employer links.
  • Networking. Are their networks in your local area that you can be a part of? For example – Gloucestershire Active Inclusion Network meet regularly and send out information about inclusive groups across the county.

Use a disclaimer when sending out lists of provider information as information can change quickly.