The Next Stage Planner

The Orpheus Centre gives each student a next stage planner, to be completed in their final year at college, to aid their transition.


Introduce the approach or activity – The Next Stage Planner

It is a document that was designed by the students, from the colours used to the text that went into it. It is completely student led and is completed in their final year to aid with transition. The students complete alongside their students in all areas of Preparing for Adulthood (PFA). Each section focuses on the different aspects of their lives as they live it and how they envisage it will be.

It allows time for the students to research, normalise and own their future.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

This document has been used with final year students within the college, what we call the PFA majors. They are at a point in their academic and life journey that having a document that reflects their progress is crucial. They have been supportive of it as it allows the freedom to carve their own future.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Let the student own it
  • Some students prefer a paper form and write and Pritt Stick info into it
  • If the student is reluctant please refrain from using temporarily
  • Ensure that the student reviews the document with peers near the end of the academic year
  • Ensure that the student receives their Planner before they leave and make sure you scan a copy for the college.

What resources are required?

  • The Next Planner document
  • A printed copy if requested by the student
  • A laptop, tablet or PC to conduct research
  • Pritt Stick and lots of magazines, print outs from research
  • Time set aside on a periodic basis to review the planner
  • Learning staff, parent/carers/ support staff
  • EHCP/Student review (only to refer to)
  • An A4 folder and plastic pockets
  • List of resources shared with this exemplar
  • PFA website
  • LA/Send Offer website
  • Job website
  • DWP website
  • Housing Providers websites
  • NHS websites
  • Education – colleges, further education websites
  • BING – in your area search