Post Transition Feedback Contact Form

The Orpheus Centre has a post transition contact form they use to capture information about student progress after they leave college.


Introduce the approach or activity – Post transition contact and feedback form

  • This document was created in order to capture the post transition progress and asks about the experience the student had at the college.
  • It looks at all areas of the PFA areas and asks the Alumni how they are doing and what areas can be worked on by the transition coordinator, support staff, parent / carers et al.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

This document has been used with all student leavers / alumni and there is a slightly adapted one for parent / carers / new support staff.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Let the student settle in their property / new setting / back to the family home before approaching them – much of the transition information will have been drawn out prior to the students leaving, they will need time to acclimatise to their new situation.
  • It is imperative (where possible) to involve support staff, parent / carers / social workers in this process in order to review the support hours / funding that is required post transition

What resources are required?

  • A copy of the form in question
  • Have the Next Stage Planner to hand (not fully necessary, useful for review though)
  • Time