Next Stage PFA Plan

Orpheus College use a next stage PfA plan with their students throughout their time at college.


Introduce the approach or activity – The Next Stage PFA Plan

  • This is a live document that is completed and throughout the student journeys whilst at the college.
  • They take part in reviewing their plan and this directly compliments and feeds into their student reviews which ultimately informs their EHCP
  • The Plan is split into each section of the Preparing for Adulthood areas and has a section for action points at the bottom.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

  • This document has been used with first year students at the college through to final year students about to transition.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Review periodically with student in their transition 1-2-1’s
  • Discuss with Transition, Dom Care and Learning teams as to has there been any developments, omissions, progress by the student that benefit by being added to the Plan.
  • In my experience I have sometimes just focused on one area as some students can find it overwhelming to talk about all the sections of the plan in one sitting.
  • This a document that will complement the student review and supplying it with the review has provided a student led perspective at this time.
  • Ensure that when plan is reviewed it is signed off by student
  • Save copies of the review periodically – this will allow you to track progress in an evidentiary way.