Accessing Information

Birtenshaw College have produced documents for their own use aimed at making it easier to ascertain the people associated with a young person concerning their transition into college.


Introduce the approach or activity

This resource aims to identify the relevant people needed to access information about the young person and, in doing so, to ascertain the lead professional. It is a simple document that can be shared with other professionals and can highlight the information needed about the young person.

Alison Vaughan, SEN Commissioning Officer, Bury LA

“It is important to identify as early as possible the documentation that is needed for support. All documentation needs to be reviewed and updated at transition point and ALL involved going forward with it; parents/carers and learners are crucial to this process as they can often be left out.”

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

This resource will be trialled this year with new learners.

Top tips and key considerations

This resource assumes that the college takes the lead on transition in order to access information. The Lead Person needs to be identified at an early stage. The school/college from which the young person is transitioning will also be working towards a successful transition and it is important that requests for information / meetings are not duplicated.