Planning Learning Meetings

Newfriars College has a developed a planning meeting template


Introduce the approach or activity

To support learners’ continuing learning while at home, Newfriars College has developed a Planning Proforma to be completed over the phone in discussion with each learner or parent/carer as appropriate. The purpose is to ensure a structured plan and to identify what support may be required for the learner. This ensures that health, wellbeing and therapeutic support are also taken into consideration. Newfriars College has a Form Group structure and so the Form Tutor takes the lead in setting up and completing the meeting.

As appropriate, sections can be pre-populated and sent home in advance of the meeting. The Plan will be finalised and shared home and with other staff as relevant. The College uses Microsoft Teams to save and share the plans.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

The activity was developed for all learners at the College.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Pre-populate where possible prior to the meeting.
  • Send a copy home (we use ClassDojo and email or will post for some of our learners)
  • If a learner/parent does not engage the plan to be completed and sent home to encourage engagement
  • EHCP/PfA is at the heart of the Plan however the outcomes should be selected and worded appropriately for the Home Learning Context so they are all meaningful.