Wellbeing and Music

ESPA College have been conducting remote music sessions through video conferencing for their students.

Introduce the approach or activity

The activity is a remote music session through video conferencing. The learner is encouraged to develop ways to use music as a relaxation and coping mechanism whilst learning about different applications and software. This can also be used to promote communication skills with staff and other learners as well as embedding e-safety.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

Learner is contacted by a Tutor and LSA using Zoom or Teams. Learner then uses youtube to play a particular favourite song whilst staff accompany student on the guitar. Our student liked to sing along to “Crazy little thing called love”.

The learner is then asked to record a version of his performance singing same song and email to tutor.

Top tips and key considerations.

Ensure all safeguarding and other guidelines relating to video conferencing are met.

Ensure the learner is aware of the session in advance and reminded it will soon commence – 30 minutes before.

The activity is designed for those who have a specific interest in music but may be of interest to others.

What resources are required?

Access to ICT equipment such as ipad, smart phone or lap top and youtube. Musical instrument if required.

How will you capture evidence of learning?

Witness statement, video/audio recording subject to student consent.