Sensory Exploration

Portland College have suggested a number of resources to help with sensory exploration.

Look at:

Introduce the approach or activity

There are several sensory based resources that can be fun to make or explore that are created with general household products.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

For those individuals who learn best through an experiential way of learning, or through sensory play/exploration it can be difficult to think of ways to engage them in education whilst they are at home. These practical activities or resources could be incorporated into other wider educational themes.

Top tips and key considerations

Consider the needs of the individual, for example – do they like to explore objects orally (with their mouth)? If so, it is important to only suggest resources that are safe to ingest.

Be aware of any allergies or intolerances before suggesting activities.

If individual’s have specific sensory processing or integration difficulties then these needs to be considered, they may have received a sensory assessment from a qualified professional and this should be consulted.

Those individuals with PMLD and/or who require an experiential way of learning are likely to benefit from sensory exploration and these activities allow this within the home environment.

Most of these resources can be created with household products, however it may be possible to compile these and send out resource packs to learners and their families if they do not have access to the items required.

What resources are required?

Variety of different household items (it varies between each activity).

Instruction sheets to support caregivers to know how to create the activities/resources with the learners.