Sales: Skills and Qualities

Portland College have created a virtual lesson covering Sales, specifically looking at skills and qualities of sales people.


Introduce the approach or activity

Well-being check at the start of the lesson (general conversation, which allowed tutor to judge moods etc.).

Virtual lesson covering criteria 3a of the level 2 Undertaking an Enterprise Project (AIM component). Within the moderated booklet for this activity it is a question that learners would answer.

Redesigned the task from what is in the booklet to ensure it looks appealing (layout, with one task at a time, colourful and appealing to do, pictures to support understanding) then learners attended a virtual lesson, where we discussed the task, tutor checked prior knowledge, linked to previous tasks completed to support understanding and asked questions to ensure the learners fully understood what they were required to do to achieve the criteria.

Deadline agreed by learner and tutor.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

Mature learners with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Top tips and key considerations

Provide additional sources of support, for example when completing the virtual lessons I record key terms / important information on a mini wipe-board, which I will later take a picture of and upload to the Microsoft Team group for future reference.

Make any activities as appealing as possible, colourful, clear layout with not too much writing on.

Learners focus on one task at a time to ensure they are clear of the expectations.

It is vital that learners suggest / agree deadlines for submission of work. Supports with their motivation to complete tasks.

What resources are required?

  • Activity / task sheet.
  • Mini wipe-board, wipe-board marker pen and eraser.
  • Camera.
  • Microsoft Teams / Google Meet etc.
  • Laptop / Tablet / Smart Telephone to access the internet and Microsoft Teams.
  • Links to websites / videos for additional support to complete tasks.

How will you capture evidence of learning?

Completed activity / task sheet and recorded virtual session.