Preparing for Adulthood Daily Journal

Newfriars College have been using daily journals to embed learning into day-to-day activities.


Introduce the approach or activity

The aim of the PfA Journal is to maintain a focus on core EHCP and Preparation for Adulthood outcomes for learners with more complex needs. The Journal ensures that the learning naturally embedded into the day to day life as experienced by the young person is recognised as important and valuable.

The use of a journal format is also designed to encourage routine.

By recognising day to day activities as ‘learning’ this supports a family who may already be finding managing their young person at home fulltime challenging.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

The journal has been adapted for use with Vocational Pathway learners and for our Independent and Supported Living Pathway groups. Our Supported Living Pathway group are our learners with the greatest level of support need and require direct intervention to engage with all activities. Our Independent Living Pathway are able to complete tasks with a degree of independence but would generally require close supervision and support.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Ensure the visual support / symbols and signs are appropriate and personalised where necessary.
  • We use ClassDojo as a communication tool with many of our families. This allows families to share photos and updates to support the PfA journal.
  • Use of pre-recorded videos made by staff directed at the learner can explain how the journal works and help engage the young person in participating in day to day activities.

What resources are required?

The journal can be printed and completed; updated on a computer or a version can be made at home.