Performance Arts at Home

Newfriars College has adapted projects of work so that units that were done in college can now be completed at home. This is an example of a performance arts project.

Introduce the approach or activity

The learners on the Newfriars College Performing and Visual Arts (PAVA) Pathway are completing a BTEC course. This requires the learner to prepare and present a live performance. This activity has been adapted for the learners to complete at home:

• Clip 1 – An explanation and details to the chosen song.
• Clip 2 – A rehearsal performance of the chosen song.
• Clip 3 – The final performance.

Although this is a PAVA/BTEC activity it can easily be adapted and used a home based activity to support communication, reflection on performance and practice to show improvement in communication and/or performance.

The learners could present a spoken piece, demonstrate an evolving piece of art or showcase not so effective and more effective ways to communicate e.g. how to greet someone new; how to apologise. Etc.

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

The activity was developed for a group of learners (L1) completing a PAVA BTEC programme of study.

Top tips and key considerations

  • Individual learners may need additional discussion with their teacher to clarify the expectations of the activity.
  • The reflection sheet is brief however the work and preparation required is evidenced in the recorded evidence.
  • The learner cohort will need to be to upload and share videos – zipped files and email or use of an appropriate learning platform (VLE). This needs to be taken into account when using learner video that may be several minutes in length.

What resources are required?

Learners need access to a way of making a short video – laptop, ipad, tablet or phone.