Home Learning Activities Grid

Queen Alexandra College have developed a Home Learning Activities Grid.


Introduce the approach or activity

The Home Learning Activities Grid for Parents provides them choice on areas of focus for each day. This could be played as:

  • A bingo type game (use the blank template) OR
  • Students can choose at least 5 (or any appropriate number) they wish to participate in and work through these throughout the day and tick or add a sticker to it when complete.

A recommend mandatory activity could be ‘Brush your Teeth’!

This was developed as a simple way to encourage participation without pressure of worksheets and can be linked to something simple within the home.

Resource developed for the following learner cohorts

This resource can be used with Entry level to level 2 students. It can be completed by families or students. Instead of symbols, images could be used, and more challenging activities could be added – for example make a sandwich, cook a meal with a family member, create a blog of your day!

Top tips and key considerations

Parents will need to print off multiple copies so that they can keep records during the lockdown or use as bingo tiles on the blank grid provided.

What resources are required?

A device linked to a printer if multiple copies are required. Tiles could also be laminated and cut out and used on a regular basis.

If posting it is recommended to send multiple copies.

How will you capture evidence of learning?

A photograph of the grid and participation in activity could be taken and emailed or multiple completed copies could be kept as paper-based copies and sent in when convenient or photographed and emailed in.