Students on work-based learning programmes

Work based learning activities

Students who were on work-based learning courses may initially feel that it is impossible for them to continue their learning in a home environment. However, there is much they can do to continue to develop and practise the skills and knowledge they have gained at college and while in the workplace now they are at home. By keeping their employability skills going they are putting themselves a strong position when they are able to return to college or to their work placement. There are many ways colleges can support them to achieve this.

The following examples provide ideas and resources to support learners to keep up their employability skills.

From Hedleys College

A set of catering tasks that allow students to test their catering knowledge and practise their cooking and shopping skills. They have also recorded making recipes on video and shared the video along with a pictorial recipe which will allow students to practice their practical skills at home.

A workbook on ‘What makes good customer service?’

A small “Mystery Seed” project which involved sending unlabeled seed packets home for students to plant. They will record what they observe and use the internet to try to identify the plant as it grows.

Ideas for English and maths activities for students which include letter writing and undertaking surveys.

A journal project where students select which pages to complete and are encouraged to come up with their own ideas.

From Portland College

Virtual lessons on “risk assessment criteria” relating to the level 2 and level 3 sports leaders’ qualification.

A virtual lesson on sales, specifically looking at skills and qualities of sales people.

Employment Skills, CV Writing and Interview skills work booklets.

From Newfriars College

Photography at Home project

Performance at Home project

Working as a team using Google Slides to support interaction between the teacher and students.