Task Planner

St John’s College developed a task planner that families can use with their young person.


Introduce the approach or activity

  • Planning and breaking down an activity into small steps using a Planning Template

Describe the learner cohort you have used this with?

Verbal learners with Autism / Learning Disabilities / Challenging Behaviour

Top tips and key considerations

  • Learners need to be verbal
  • Learners need a degree of literacy/or be able to read symbols
  • Adjust the example according to the degree of literacy
  • This can be done in a graded capacity i.e. gradually hand over the planning to the learner each time an activity is planned
  • You may need to verbally explain the resource and process to parent over the phone
  • Start with a simple activity e.g. getting a cold drink and gradually build up to more complex tasks

What resources are required?

  • Access to a widget facility (session leader)
  • Access to internet and computer (parent and learner)
  • Resources according to the activity that is being planned e.g. ingredients